American Museum of Natural History Luggage Storage Guide

Did you bring a lot of luggage and need to explore the best of the American Museum of Natural History? Do you need a reliable storage for your luggage near the museum? No matter what your luggage storage needs are, Stasher got you covered! 

Roam Around Without Worry 

One of the most enriching experiences you can have while in New York is visiting the American Museum of Natural History. However, carrying your luggage while wandering around can ruin your itinerary. Not only that, but several attractions do not allow luggage or large bags to ensure safety.  

The best thing you can do to avoid hassles while discovering the museum is to take advantage of the affordable luggage storage that Stasher offers. You can choose from plenty of locker options to safely store your things near the museum. This will help you free yourself from carrying your bags or suitcases anywhere you go and enjoy your desired attractions. 

Make Your American Museum of History Tour Easier with Luggage Storage  

With more than 30 million different items, the American Museum of Natural History is known to be one of the world’s largest museums. Storing your luggage near the museum will help you focus on appreciating every piece of artwork rather than worrying about your valuables. 

Get a luggage storage with Stasher and spend most of your leisure time with peace of mind. After all, your main purpose in visiting the museum is to relax and acquire new, memorable experiences. 

How Does Luggage Storage Work 

Visiting New York City means you are close to attractive tourist destinations, food hubs to historical sites. Other than the iconic American Museum of Natural History, the city has something more to offer. One of the best ways to explore the museum and the entire city is by booking a luggage storage. 

In just a matter of three simple steps, rest assured that your whole New York adventure will be unforgettable. 

Step 1: Book Online  

Visit Stasher to access a network of local hotels and businesses that provide reliable, affordable luggage storage near the American Museum of Natural History. Put the City/Street/Postcode, Time, and Number of Bags boxes to see the nearby locations that will match your needs. Book the luggage storage that suits your needs.  

Step 2: Drop Luggage Off  

Once you arrived in New York City, you can then store your baggage at your chosen location. Make sure to choose verified shops and hotels. You can secure your items with tamper-proof seals. 

Step 3: Explore American Museum of Natural History and Other Attractions  

After dropping off your items at trusted luggage storage, you can start enjoying the museum and other attractions hassle-free. By booking a luggage storage, you can have peace of mind that all your items are safe and secure while you are exploring your desired destinations. Besides, you can come back and pick up your luggage at the best condition. 

How Much Does It Cost  

As a traveler, one of your main concerns is your budget. That is why as much as possible, you want to avoid unnecessary expenses. However, it does not necessarily mean that you need to sacrifice the quality of your trip. For sure, you will not completely enjoy the attractions if you will carry your heavy bags anywhere you go.  

Fortunately, Stasher offers convenient, cost-effective luggage storage that you can take advantage of when you reach the American Museum of Natural History. You can store your items near the museum, famous landmarks, and major transportation hubs. Use the StashPoint app, and you will see all the locations. 

Storing your luggage in the American Museum of Natural History only costs $6 per day. In case you need luggage storage for an additional day, you need to add $5. So, you can keep your things safe without overstretching your pocket. 

Luggage Size, and Drop Off and Pick Up Dates  

Don’t worry about the size of your luggage. Whether it is small or big, the luggage storage network has no size restriction. That is especially if you will choose Stasher because they accommodate the luggage of all types and sizes. 

In case you need to store odd-sized items like skiing objects, golf clubs, or bikes, make sure to contact the customer care before booking for complete assistance. This will also help you ensure a smooth experience. 

When it comes to how long you can store your luggage, you can keep them near the museum as little or as long as you would like. All you need to do is to choose your preferred drop-off and pick updates that you can find on the website’s checkout page. Plus, in case there is an unexpected scenario, or you want to change some details in the booking, just feel free to do that. Don’t worry, and there’s no extra fee. 

Is It Safe to Store Luggage Near American Museum of Natural History  

One of the purposes why you want to book a luggage storage, is to keep your items safe while you are roaming around. So, make sure to choose the locations that you can trust. At Stasher, your bags and other items are stored in a reserved area that only is accessed by the team members. Not only that, to add an extra layer of security, but each of your items also comes with insurance up to $1,000. 

In case of issues with your booking, do not hesitate to contact the customer service. You can connect with them via phone call, email, or online chat.  

Alternative Luggage Storage Options  

Other than Stasher, you can also take advantage of other luggage options near the museum. These include the surrounding of most New York City hubs, airports, or bus terminals. Most of the bus terminals come with lockers whet you can leave your luggage and explore the city. 

While Stasher is considered the most affordable option to store your items, you can try the traditional storage solutions near the museum. You can choose between CBH Luggage Storage and CityCoPilot.  

The CBH Luggage Storage is near Times Square, and you need you to pay $10 per normal-sized luggage per day. As for oversized bags, the price range between $15-$19. If you prefer CityCoPilot, the location is about a 15-minute walk from Central Park ad you need to pay $10 per bag. 

Book A Luggage Storage with Stasher Now! 

As you plan to visit the American Museum of Natural History, do not forget to book a luggage storage with Stasher. Everything is convenient, affordable, and smooth. Do not let heavy luggage ruin your vacation. You can always count on luggage storage solutions offered by Stasher. 

Have a happy trip!